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Reduce life cycle costs with NIEHOFF Original+after sales

Original+ stands for NIEHOFF after-sales with added value: optimum equipment availability, higher productivity and operational reliability, fewer repairs thanks to preventive maintenance, reduced operating costs due to genuine NIEHOFF spare parts and high-wear parts.

Four areas - a quadruple plus for NIEHOFF customers

Only by taking an overall view of investment and life cycle costs is it possible to fully appreciate the premium quality of a machine or line.

Though it might have a long service life, is it really fit for the long term?

Can the operating costs be kept to a minimum on a permanent basis?

What measures can be taken to improve productivity?

NIEHOFF Original+ after sales addresses these challenges and plenty of other questions as well - every day.

  • The development of energy-efficient components which save resources and plug & play high-wear parts
  • The development and expansion of a comprehensive training program
  • Speedy availability of spare parts
  • Preventive maintenance

are just some of the solutions covered by the Original+ service portfolio.

NIEHOFF after sales Original+ is divided into the four separate areas:

  • High-wear parts
  • Spare parts
  • Modernization
  • Service


This means that appropriate measures are permanently available to keep the productivity and performance of a NIEHOFF line at the same consistently high level during every phase of the life cycle.


To ensure that NIEHOFF customers can count on getting a quick answer to any of their technical questions, every one of them has a dedicated contact, who provides them with support on every aspect of after-sales service.

Economical solutions for NIEHOFF Original+ high-wear parts

Service life maximization, reduced operating costs

Progress comes down to the details (as well). Sustainability, reduced operating costs and quicker replacement on the basis of the plug & play principle are the priorities for research and development work on high-wear parts from NIEHOFF.


The high quality of genuine NIEHOFF high-wear parts provides the guarantee for the top quality of wire and cable products which is required over the entire life cycle of a line. Continuous optimization of the systems, with a view to ensuring long service lives and quick and easy replacement of parts, also contributes to cost savings.


The quick availability of NIEHOFF high-wear parts is a significant factor in keeping downtimes, and therefore operating costs, to a minimum. Your personal contact will gladly provide you with unbureaucratic help in selecting the high-wear parts you require, as well as the organization of appointments and service calls.

A solution every time: NIEHOFF Original+ spare parts


Available throughout the lifetime of a machine

Development objectives such as durability, high availability and performance, economy, low wear and low maintenance costs are fundamental values of our company DNA and apply to the entire life cycle. This NIEHOFF philosophy has been passed on from employee to employee for decades.


The maintenance of proven solutions and continuity in development provides the basis for Original+ spare parts from NIEHOFF.

In-house design engineering for all machine components provides the guarantee for the user that NIEHOFF spare parts are always the state-of-the-art in technology throughout the entire lifetime of a line.

In-house production on cutting edge machining centers provides the guarantee for our consistently high quality and speedy availability.

NIEHOFF Original+  modernization of existing machines and lines

Modernization of complete machines and lines

The durability of NIEHOFF machines is legendary. Full reconditioning by NIEHOFF service experts and selective modernization measures can extend the life cycle of a used line by many years. 

Contact us in good time for the planning of a modernization strategy and get your NIEHOFF machine brought up to the latest standard in terms of performance, productivity and efficiency.

Maximum performance with NIEHOFF Original+ after sales

Customized modernization and upgrading measures keep NIEHOFF machines and lines up with the state-of-the-art in technology even after decades in use. This is why the continuous further development of spare parts has such a high priority at NIEHOFF.

Optimization of line availability with NIEHOFF Original+  service

Fast, expert assistance on site

NIEHOFF Original+ service is your first point of contact if any faults should develop in your line. Close coordination with NIEHOFF engineering ensures that the right spare part is at the right place at the right time – which therefore ensures that your machine or line is repaired promptly.

Predictive maintenance rather than costly repairs

The availability, reliability and efficiency of machines and lines are the decisive factors when it comes to competitiveness in markets where competition is intense. Regular inspections and maintenance of all the machines and lines are therefore a fundamental part of a modern and responsible maintenance strategy.


To keep downtimes to a minimum and prevent costly repairs in advance, NIEHOFF agrees levels of service and frequencies for practical training programs and regular inspections and maintenance work with its customers within the framework of our Original+ after-sales service. Why not get in touch with your personal contact today, to find out more about an inspection contract.