Efficient, safe and economic cable handling

The NIEHOFF Packaging System NPS and its benefits.

For almost twenty years, cable and wire harness manufacturers have been working with the NIEHOFF Packaging System NPS. It has been in continuous development since its beginnings and has proven to be a highly efficient, safe and economic handling system for primary automotive cables as well as bunched wires, strands, conductors and cables.
The NPS comprises special spoolers and collapsible multiway spools made of ABS plastic. The spoolers are designed to operate in line with extrusion lines. Changeover from full to empty spools is carried out at full production speed allowing nonstop operation. The spools made in different sizes offer a secure, stable and tangle free package both when full or partially empty and enable highest cable pay-off speeds into downstream processes. When empty, spools can be fully dismantled and nested into each other and returned to the cable manufacturer where they can be easily and quickly re-assembled, reloaded and then re-used. To protect the NPS spools from foreign spools which are not compatible with NPS, new original NPS multiway spools are equipped with an RFID transponder.
In this way NPS users can identify if a spool belongs to the system and is compatible with it – or not. In this case considerable disturbances would be the consequence. The RFID transponder simplifies also spool labeling: As the spool identification is stored in RFID no label is needed. The NPS is the world’s only packaging system which allows trouble-free and tangle-free paying-off of automotive cables made of copper, copper alloys and aluminum at highest speeds. Even signal cables made of copper alloys with a cross-section of 0.13 mm² can be processed without any problems. More than 420 NPS spooler units are now in use all over the world with more than three million NPS spools in operation.

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