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More than six decades of top-quality technology for the wire and cable industry

Founded in 1951, Maschinenfabrik NIEHOFF GmbH & CO. KG has played a major role in the development of the wire and cable industry throughout its existence. The first multiwire drawing machine, drawing lines for the inline production of cables or the NPS reusable packaging system for cable packaging are just some of the technological milestones to have come from the NIEHOFF company. Continuous research and development in close partnership with the cable industry have made NIEHOFF the world market leader. Investment in technology and infrastructure and the continuous training and professional education of our employees provide the basis for ensuring that we keep it that way in the future as well.

Maschinenfabrik NIEHOFF facts and figures

- Business year 2020 / 2021 -

Mio € Turnover
Trainees included
Locations worldwide
% Export ratio

Core industries

Wire industry and cable industry with a focus on the automotive, aviation and aerospace, electronics, telecommunications and transport industries.

Core business

  • Manufacture of lines and machinery for the
    • drawing, annealing, galvanic electroplating, bunching, take-up, rewinding and braiding of wire made of non-ferrous metals
  • Machinery for the
    • stranding, coiling and take-up of insulated data cables and special cables, automotive cables and power cables
  • Development and planning
  • Turnkey delivery of fully-fitted cable factories
  • Global service

Expertise, Customer Driven and Service - in Good Hands with NIEHOFF


With expertise, we convince.


NIEHOFF stands for exceptional expertise over the entire range of wire and cable manufacturing paired with comprehensive knowledge of the complete value chain on the customer side. Based on these principles, NIEHOFF convinces with innovative and tailor-made detail concepts as well as comprehensive solutions – reliable cutting-edge technology.

At NIEHOFF we are continually investing in the design and development of our products. We invest in innovation. This is achieved through a sharp focus on new product development throughout our organization.

Due to the fact that we thoroughly indulge the manufacturing demands of our customers, we not only comprehend the facts and gures of individual aspects of their manufacturing chains, we understand their entire process. We are fully aware of the role our machines and equipment play when it comes to successfully answering individual production demands our customers are faced with on a daily basis.

Quality within our own production is of the utmost priority. We successfully manage every single step of our value chain to fully ensure that every single process adds up to a pro table outcome.

Prior to start-up our technicians thoroughly test your manufacturing equipment. Thanks to our diligent testing procedures we can ensure a reliable and fully functional start-up within a reasonable time-frame and without delays.

Customer Driven

With our customer drive, we establish trust.

Being customer driven both technologically and geographically is a unique combination. NIEHOFF seizes this combination and thus achieves a thorough understanding of respective customer needs. This results in further business potential for customers as well as individual solutions for sustainable results and a competitive advantage.

“One face to the customer” is not just a gure of speech for us. Resulting from the loyalty of our employees and their many years of contribution we are proud to be able to convince with decades of experience in the industry. And with this experience and our loyal experts we can accompany you and your needs along the entire lifecycle of a machine or solution. We place high demands on trust and continuity, not only regarding heavy metals, but also people.

As a globally acting company we have made it a priority to adapt our production and logistic structures to respective requirements of the regions and markets we serve. We continuously expand these activities to most economically meet your demands.

Trust is the base of a long-lasting and successful partnership. You will nd trust and reliability in the people that build NIEHOFF – and that have built this company for years.


With service, we care – a machine for a lifetime.

NIEHOFF offers reliable service for all customers – covering the entire lifecycle of an investment. NIEHOFF takes care of customer needs with in-house construction expertise, short response times as well as highly knowledgeable consulting, and in doing so creates the basis for successful partnerships – a machine for a lifetime.

We have combined our industry-unique engineering knowledge with an equally unique concept of service. And this, in turn, results in an excellent combination. NIEHOFF is able to support you along the entire lifecycle of your investment. As a partner you can unconditionally rely on.

More than 40 service technicians are stationed on altogether nine international sites. This highly exible and internationally agile team allows short response times in following up on the needs and demands of our customers. Thanks to the growing number of international service assignments, all of them entirely committed to solving problems, we are continuously growing our experience base.

We believe that knowledge grows when you share it. This is why we are offering continuing education training within NIEHOFF Original+ after sales directly on-site or right at the side of your machine. These trainings will help you in running your equipment as economically as possible. This, in turn, enables you to defend your market position and increase your competitive edge. In addition, we offer exible upgrade concepts for your investments.

We are focused on prompt availability of spare and wear parts. We fully understand that downtimes in your production must be avoided at all costs. We strive to be fully prepared for all kinds of situations and we are able to react fast and ef ciently in case of need. The delivery of over 1,000,000 NIEHOFF Original+ parts per year is solid proof.

NIEHOFF history

a journey through time

The history of a company like NIEHOFF is impossible to summarize in just a few paragraphs. To do so would pay a disservice to all those individuals who have been involved in and shaped the company over the decades, since they would inevitably be mentioned only too briefly.

The company’s family owners, company management, dedicated and faithful employees, not to mention the many customers and business partners, have all played a part in the success of Maschinenfabrik NIEHOFF and will continue to do so in future. One outstanding individual deserves a special mention, however: Walter NIEHOFF, who founded the Maschinenfabrik in 1951 and guided it to its position of world market leader.


New NMC factory in China


Foundation of NIEHOFF Stranding Technology in Barcelona, Spain


NIEHOFF acquires shares in H. Folke Sandelin AB (HFSAB), Sweden (cable extrusion machines)


Further development of the rod breakdown machine type MSM 85 NEW: Rod breakdown machine type MSM 86 with continuous resistance annealer type R 502


Foundation of NIEHOFF Machinery Changzhou Co., Ltd., China


Enlargement of the product range by induction annealers type RI


Foundation of NIEHOFF of Russia, Moscow, Russia


Enlargement of the product range by wire spooling units (System Hacoba) type DSA/DSH


Enlargement of the product range by data cable stranding lines type DSI and braiding machines type BMV


Takeover of ENDEX USA and merging to NIEHOFF Endex North America Ltd. (NENA)


Market launch of the electronically controlled rod breakdown machine type MSM 85 with minimized slip and individually driven drawing capstans


Foundation of NIEHOFF of India Hyderabad, India


Foundation of NIEHOFF Service Center Shanghai, China


Foundation of NIEHOFF of Singapore, Singapore


Foundation of NIEHOFF Nippon Co.,Ltd., Tokyo, Japan


NIEHOFF develops the “NIEHOFF Package System (NPS)”


Formal opening of the switch cabinet factory in Leuterschach


Market launch of the new multiwire drawing machine type MMH with integrated continuous annealer for drawing up to 16 wires on two levels


NIEHOFF develops the first galvanic tinning line type VZ 01


NIEHOFF develops the first multiwire drawing machine for copper type MZE 120.4 (four wires drawn simultaneously)

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