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As an innovative manufacturer of carrier vertical lever arm rotary braiding machine, we present the BMV 16

The latest model of our Niehoff 16-carrier vertical lever arm rotary braiding machine type BMV 16 comes equipped with three patented innovations, proving that also in the world of braiding machinery our R&D experts are always one step ahead when it comes to providing new developments to the market.

We are an experienced manufacturer of wire drawing machines and almost all systems that are required in the wire and cable industry. Since 2002 we have been offering the BMV vertical rotary braiding machines equipped with 12, 16 or 24 braiding bobbin carriers.

Braiding machines of the BMV series for practice

Our well-proven braiders are designed for processing braid material such as bare or plated round or flat braiding wire made from copper, aluminum or stainless steel, and also artificial yarn and fibers. Pursuing our goal to set standards in the industry enhancing our customers´ wire production and increasing their benefit, the Niehoff 16-carrier lever arm rotary braiding machine BMV 16 is equipped with these three patented innovations:

1st BMV 16 - innovation: Increasing braiding output

The braider can automatically accelerate the bobbin rotational speed from 175 rpm to a maximum value of 200 rpm while reducing the frequency of the lubrication intervals. This results in a braiding process increasing braiding output by 10%. Consequently, you need less time with this braiding machine to produce a certain order volume. Simultaneously, the braids are less contaminated with oil.

2nd BMV 16 - innovation: Keeping a constant braiding coverage ratio

2nd innovation: Keeping a constant braiding coverage ratio The braider is capable of keeping the ratio of the braiding coverage of the cable constantly at the preset value (for example 80%). The idea behind this innovation was to cope with the sometimes varying diameter of the cable to be braided when entering the braiding machine. In case a certain minimum braiding coverage even with a changing cable diameter has to be maintained, before this innovation the braiding pitch had to be modified. Now, our patented NIEHOFF solution allows to apply only as much braiding wire as necessary, thus saving braiding material in the amount of the safety margin that otherwise needs to be added to avoid falling below the minimum braiding coverage value. In many cases, this margin amounts to 15% or even more! As an experienced manufacturer of machines for the wire and cable industry, we use a permanently active measuring device to detect the diameter variations of the incoming cable, before it enters the inlet of the braiding area, regulating the line speed (and therefore the braiding pitch) accordingly. Additionally, the braiding coverage is documented enabling you to prove it to your customers.

3rd BMV 16 - innovation: Keeping a uniform braiding wire tension

Via the WTC (Wire Tension Control) system and the dancer position, the braiding machine regulates the braiding wire tension of the braiding bobbins, from full to empty condition. Thus, all braiding wires are applied under uniform tension to the product to be braided, resulting in an also uniform braid along the entire length of the product. Consequently, you can produce faultless shieldings, particularly required for applications in the area of autonomous driving. Simultaneously, the system documents braiding wire tension as well to be proven to your customers in process/quality control.

Comprehensive monitoring of the BMV braiding machines

A number of monitoring systems, some of them optionally available, make BMV braiders run unattended for extended periods, simultaneously reducing regular operator intervention on this braiding machine. The braiders can be equipped with an integrated taping device enabling braiding and taping to be completed in one step.

Optional insertion of tapes in the BMV braiding machine

If needed, the BMV machines also allow the manufacture of products with tapes which have to be applied in S or Z direction both before and after braiding. The central taping devices necessary for this option can also be activated individually.

The benefits:

  • Space saving
  • Elimination of rewinding processes
  • Increase in product quality

Braiding machines from NIEHOFF - application at a glance:

Niehoff made braiding machines can be used to manufacture cable screenings, copper braids, hollow braids, stranded braids, textile braids and steel wire braids with different braid patterns.

When it comes to wire drawing machines and braiding machines, we are your first point of contact.

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