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Relocation service for NIEHOFF machinery

As a result of growing demand, NIEHOFF also offers a relocation service. The specialists required for this task have extensive experience in relocating NIEHOFF machinery as well as in performing all kinds of service tasks.

When machines are relocated by non-specialists, improper handling can cause considerable damage.


A complex task

In an industrial company it may be necessary for various reasons – such as reconstruction measures, relocation of a plant or the sale of production equipment – to relocate a machine or a complete production line. It's a demanding task, which harbours many risks. Incorrect measures can cause serious damage to the machinery concerned. It is, for example, very important to know the statics and weight distribution of the machines and lines and to know which lifting devices can be fixed at which points so that "nothing goes wrong" in the truest sense of the word.


NIEHOFF competence

The relocation of NIEHOFF machinery, for example rod breakdown or multiwire drawing lines, should therefore be entrusted only to NIEHOFF specialists. They are very familiar with this task because they are used to moving new machines during the production processes through the production halls all theway to the shipping department and to using the appropriate lifting and conveying equipment. For lifting and conveying large components, NIEHOFF developed a support beam that is attached to gantry and mobile cranes and guarantees a uniform load distribution. The beam can also be used for relocation tasks in customer companies (Fig. 1).

NIEHOFF specialists usually also take care of setting up new lines at the customer site. In Fig. 2 a new rod breakdown line is shown that was installed at a NIEHOFF customer site only waiting for the finishing works to get operational. The coiler belonging to this system was also NIEHOFF specialists usually also take care of setting up new lines at the customer site. In Fig. 2 a new rod breakdown line is shown that was installed at a NIEHOFF customer site only waiting for the finishing works transported by truck to the factory hall, where it was unloaded and erected with the help of a mobile crane (Fig. 3). Successful relocation of machinery also includes the appropriate use of supporting structures, sling chains and packaging materials. Fig. 4 shows a brand new rod breakdown line type M 85, which was packaged in a large air-tight bag, attached to a wooden supporting structure and loaded into a container to be sent by sea to the customer.

Sometimes, for moving, several lifting and conveying devices have to be used in synchronization with each other, which also requires a lot of experience (Fig. 5).

Fig 1. NIEHOFF uses a specially developed support beam to move components of lines such as this type MSM 83 rod breakdown line, which is being prepared for delivery to the customer.

Fig. 2. This new rod breakdown line was installed by NIEHOFF specialists at a customer site.

Fig. 3. The coiler belonging to the rod breakdown line in Fig. 2 is being erected.

Fig. 4. A rod breakdown line type M 85 prepared for the sea transport is lifted into the container.

Fig. 5. A WPT tinning line is being pushed onto the loading area of a semitrailer with the help of a gantry crane and a fork-lift truck.

Service specialists from NIEHOFF carry out all the described tasks and have access to a documentation that contains all the information which is required to relocate NIEHOFF machines and lines that are already in use. This also includes foundation and installation plans. An exact setup and adjustment of all machine parts and components is essential for trouble-free production.


Modernization options

The relocation of a machine offers also a good opportunity to have the concerned machine overhauled by NIEHOFF specialists and brought to a technically “as new” condition. Depending on its technical condition, this measure reduces the risk of unexpected downtime. In addition, depending on the service measures, even considerable productivity increases can be achieved.


Professional working

Due to their experience in dealings with NIEHOFF machines and lines, NIEHOFF specialists are the best choice to relocate NIEHOFF machinery. NIEHOFF stands for a safe, clean and quick working method that you can rely on.